About Us

Delivering Fire Protection Equipment into the 21st Century

Established in 2006 with the aim of providing a one stop shop for sprinkler products; our business has grown and our range now extends to include a comprehensive range of fire protection products which includes spares kits, gaskets, straps and padlocks, air compressors, pressure and flow switches, sprinklers and control valves.

We work hard to keep pace with innovations in our industry, and have recently introduced our LPCB approved Zone Guardian and keep our technical knowledge current and build strong relationships with manufacturers so we can offer our customers the best products at the best prices.

Team Profiles

Jerry Owen has been involved in the fire sprinkler industry for over 44 years, starting work at Mather & Platt as an apprentice draughtsman in 1974. He originally worked in the FE Design department which was responsible for the design of Control Valves, Sprinkler Heads, Drain and Test Valves, MJC’s and all the other parts associated with fire sprinkler systems.

Chris Owen joined Zeffire as Sales Manager on 3rd July 2017 and has previously worked for Tesla Motors and Apple. Chris has a Degree in Post Production and Special Effects and brings a wealth of experience of product championship and Customer Services.

Lewis Gledhill recently joined Zeffire as our Trainee Customer Service Representative on 13th July 2018. He has previously worked within education and sport coaching background.

Zeffire Limited has everything you need to install, maintain and service fire protection sprinkler equipment.

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